Adventures in Etsy Bra Shopping: My Quest for the Perfect Handmade Bra

As a busty woman, bra shopping has always been a challenge. The options at department stores rarely fit me properly or match my style. That’s why I was thrilled to discover the world of Etsy bras – handmade, custom-fit lingerie made to suit my shape and personality! Join me as I dive into the world of Etsy bra shopping and chronicle my journey to find my perfect fit.

As an Etsy addict, I buy everything from gifts to home decor to clothing on the handmade marketplace. But somehow, it took me years to think to look for bras on Etsy! Once I started searching, a whole new world opened up. The options were endless – from everyday T-shirt bras to strappy bralettes to fancy lace underwire styles and more. No more settling for boring beige and black bras that don’t fit quite right. Etsy offered an endless array of colors, patterns, fabrics and designs made with care and attention to detail.

My Bra Shopping Wishlist

I made a wishlist of must-have features for my dream Etsy bra:

  • Available in larger cup sizes – I wear a 34G, which can be impossible to find in stores
  • Cute designs and colors – no more basic black for me!
  • Quality materials – preferably natural fibers like cotton rather than synthetic blends
  • Custom-made sizing for a perfect fit
  • Handmade by small or independent designers
  • Budget-friendly prices compared to designer brands
  • Great seller reviews and policies in case returns or exchanges are needed

Armed with my bra shopping checklist, I eagerly started scrolling through Etsy listings. Now…what to choose?!

Down the Rabbit Hole: So Many Etsy Bras to Explore!

With over 60,000 Etsy listings for bras and bralettes, I didn’t know where to start. I saw endless tempting options – I added about 30 bras to my Etsy wishlist almost immediately! Here are some of the styles that caught my eye:

  • Vintage-inspired longline bras with removable garters and matching underwear. So glamorous and retro!
  • Cute and comfy-looking sports bras and bralettes in cool prints like tie-dye and floral patterns. Much cuter than offerings from mainstream brands.
  • Bralettes in delicate lace as well as edgy fishnet and mesh materials – no underwire required!
  • Strappy bras that look more like tops than underwear, many made from upcycled materials like recycled saris
  • Bridal and boudoir-worthy lace underwire bras with pretty details like pearls and ribbons
  • Bralettes and bandeaus specifically sized for small busts rather than S/M/L sizing. As a petite busty lady, this is a gamechanger!
  • Nursing bras designed for easy breastfeeding access without sacrificing beauty
  • Mastectomy bras with pockets for prosthetics, providing style and comfort for survivors

I was amazed by both the quantity and variety of Etsy bras for all body types, style preferences and special needs. Now for the fun part – selecting a few great options to try on!

Ordering My First Etsy Bras – Wish Me Luck!

After hours of browsing, I narrowed it down to a few Etsy bras to test drive:

  • A handmade cotton T-shirt bra from a Lithuania-based seller with hundreds of 5-star reviews. It comes in multiple colors and band/cup sizes. At $50 including shipping, this will be my affordable everyday bra.
  • A size-inclusive longline bralette from a California seller offering custom sizing and 15 color choices. The longline band promises extra support. At $68, this will be my weekendwear splurge bra.
  • nursing bra from a Quebec maternity wear shop with adjustable straps and drop-down cups for easy feeding. It’s available in standard and plus sizes up to an I cup. At $45, this is perfect for my new-mom friends.
  • mastectomy bra from a breast cancer survivor’s shop with pockets for prosthetics and a front closure design. I don’t need this myself but want to support her business. It’s $55 and comes in 3 neutral colors.

The retailers had overwhelmingly positive reviews for their products, customer service and shipping speed. Now my custom-made Etsy bras are on the way to me! They’ve already shipped and should arrive within a week or two. I can’t wait to try them on and see how the fit compares to my old store-bought bras. Follow me for the next chapter of my Etsy bra adventure – the reveal!

Unboxing My New Bras – How Do They Fit?

After eagerly awaiting their arrival, my Etsy bra orders finally appeared on my doorstep! I excitedly ripped open the packages, tried each bra on in front of the mirror, and took notes on the fit:

  • The cotton T-shirt bra fits like a dream! The cups have just the right amount of coverage and support without gaping. The band feels snug but not tight. For $50, the materials and construction feel very high quality. It might become my everyday go-to!
  • Unfortunately, the longline bralette will need some adjustments. The band is loose so I’ll need to shorten the hooks. The cups also gap a bit since soft bralettes don’t work well for my shape. But the seller offers free adjustments, so I’ll be sending this one back.
  • The nursing bra has handy clips and folds down easily for feeding access. The fabric feels thick and durable but the band runs large. I’ll suggest my nursing friends size down when ordering this style.
  • The mastectomy bra looks beautifully made and includes removable foam prosthetic pads. My friend who had a mastectomy is thrilled with the fashionable design and hidden pocket.

While 2 out of 4 of my Etsy bras are keepers, the sellers all have great policies for exchanges, returns and adjustments. The benefits of custom-fitted bras far outweigh the minor tweaking needed. Overall, I’m impressed with the fit, quality and appearance of my Etsy lingerie. On to the next round!

Lessons Learned: Tips for Bra Shopping on Etsy

After round one of testing Etsy bras, I’ve gathered some helpful tips for lingerie shopping on Etsy:

  • Carefully read seller policies, reviews and listings for fit/sizing guidance. Order a tester style first if uncertain.
  • For the best custom fit, look for bra makers that offer size exchanges or customization services.
  • Band comfort and support is key – err on the side of a tighter band, using extenders as needed.
  • Underwire styles work best for full busts while soft bralettes suit small busts. Know your shape!
  • Expect to pay $40-70 for quality materials and good fit – worth it over cheap uncomfortable bras.
  • Search terms like “full bust,” “DD+,” “petite,” or “plus size” help find bras suited for your size.
  • Don’t be shy reaching out to sellers with questions – Etsy creators are friendly and want happy customers.
  • If a bra doesn’t work for you, always contact the seller first – many will happily adjust or remake it.

I’m excited to try more great finds from the magical world of Etsy bras – no more uncomfortable standard sizes for me! Have you discovered any hidden gems? Let me know your favorite Etsy bra sellers and styles in the comments. Happy shopping!

Digging Deeper: More Unique Etsy Bra Finds

After acquiring my starter set of everyday Etsy bras, I’ve continued down the rabbit hole in search of even more unique and specialized styles. Etsy’s options are endless! Here are some of the funky, sexy and practical bras I’ve discovered:

  • Bralettes made from recycled materials like saris, kimonos or t-shirts. Eco-consciousness meets comfort!
  • Avant garde cutout bras and harnesses for the edgiest looks – some more costume than coverage. Not for everyday but fun for photoshoots and events!
  • Full coverage bras with extra side panels and lining for discreet shaping under clothes. Perfect to wear under work blazers.
  • Multiway bras whose straps can crisscross for racerback, halter, strapless and off-the-shoulder styling. Great for open-backed outfits.
  • Boudoir bras in edible candy styles, dramatic feather trims and bedazzled designs. Honeymoon ready!
  • Bras sized for tweens and teens to make that awkward transition into undergarments a little easier
  • Maternity and nursing bras sized by trimester or weeks postpartum to accommodate changing bodies
  • Bra accessory sets with matching garters, panties, slips and bed jackets. Retro glam!
  • Travel bras designed for comfort and packability – some fold up into their own pouch. No more padded straps digging into your shoulders en route!

I love supporting small designers and finding bras as unique as my curves. Have you discovered any specialty bras perfect for your needs? Share your treasure finds below!

A Well-Fitted Wardrobe: Etsy Bras for Every Occasion

Now that I’ve explored the world of Etsy bras, I’m covered for every style scenario. My handmade bra collection includes:

  • Everyday T-shirt bras in breathable cotton and modal – comfortable for long hours at my desk job. I love the cute patterns and colors too!
  • Full coverage underwire bras for wearing under crisp button-down shirts – the blazer-friendly models keep everything streamlined and professional looking.
  • Bralettes for weekend lounging – no underwires poking into my ribs as I catch up on Netflix. The longline styles add extra support.
  • Low back multiway bras for wearing under daring date night tops and silky camis. Custom adjustable straps allow me to wear any trendy outfit.
  • Strapless bras that actually stay up and keep their shape without squeezing me like a boa constrictor. These convertible styles go under my favorite off shoulder summer looks.
  • Sports bras with heavy support for running and high impact workouts. The wicking fabrics keep me cool and dry.
  • Lacy boudoir bras make me feel sexy even when no one else sees them under my clothes. It’s like my own personal secret!

A well-fitting bra really makes any outfit look and feel incredible. I’m so glad I discovered the vast options available on Etsy to suit my figure, style and budget. Where has Etsy lingerie been all my life?!

What bras fill out your top drawer? Share your must-have styles and favorite Etsy shops below!

An Etsy Bra for Every Body: Size Diversity and Inclusion

Another aspect of Etsy I appreciate is the wide range of sizes available, going well beyond the limited mainstream bra matrix. Etsy sellers cater to bodies of all shapes and sizes. As both a petite and busty woman, I love the options sized specifically for my build.

Here are some of the diverse sizes I’ve discovered browsing for Etsy bras:

  • Cups sized by the inch rather than arbitrary D/DD/DDD designations. No more sizes being inconsistent between brands!
  • Petite bust friendly bralettes and bras sized by chest circumference rather than S/M/L. Finally, options tailored for us short waisted big busted ladies!
  • Plus size bands measuring up to 60 inches. Hard to find large bands paired with full coverage cups bigger than a D.
  • Full bust friendly sizes scaling up to a UK L cup. More options for ample bosoms that often get the short end of the stick.
  • Bra sized swimwear for fuller figures. Underwire and enclosed cups provide support the bikini tops can’t.
  • Mastectomy bras sized up to a 46 band and 20 oz prosthetic weight. Providing style and comfort for all survivors.
  • Gender affirming lingerie for bodies transitioning and developing breasts. Completing the look as bodies change.

I love seeing the inclusive spirit of Etsy working to meet the needs of all bodies. The sellers understand our struggles and create bras we actually want to wear in sizes that actually fit. No more settling for whatever limited options are available in big box stores!

What Etsy sellers have you discovered providing great options for non-standard sizing? Please share below so we can all benefit from an expanded bra wardrobe.

Eco-Conscious Intimates: Green and Ethical Etsy Bra Makers

In addition to fit, comfort and style, I try to make eco-conscious choices with all my purchases. I was thrilled to find many Etsy bra makers using sustainable materials and ethical production methods. Here are some of the ways Etsy designers are keeping lingerie ethical and green:

  • Upcycled materials like vintage kimonos, recycled saris and existing textiles repurposed into bras. Reduces waste!
  • Organic cotton, linen and bamboo rayon chosen over synthetic fibers. Gentle processing makes these fabrics sustainable.
  • Water reducing dye methods like low-impact digital printing. Saves H2O versus traditional dyeing methods!
  • Local manufacturing in North America and Europe rather than outsourcing production halfway around the world.
  • Ethical labor practices like using independently contracted seamstresses paid living wages rather than big factory settings with questionable working conditions. Peace of mind!
  • Gender equality in production – many bra ateliers are woman-owned and provide opportunities for female artisans. Girl power!
  • Charitable partnerships with organizations supporting women’s health, garment workers’ rights and related causes. Commerce for a cause!

Buying from eco-minded sellers allows me to indulge in beautiful lingerie as a feel-good purchase. When ethics come into play, treating myself doesn’t feel so frivolous!

Who are your favorite eco-friendly bra artisans on Etsy? Share the love so we can all make conscientious choices for our intimate apparel.

The Icing on Top: Etsy Bra Accessories

The lovely lingerie creators on Etsy don’t stop at bras – they offer so many coordinating accessories for a put-together boudoir look. I’ve filled my top drawer with all kinds of matching underpinnings:

  • Panties galore – from tangas to briefs to booty-lifting boyshorts, in all the colors and patterns of my Etsy bras. So much nicer than multipacks from the department store!
  • Garter belts and straps to channel my inner pinup vixen – retro glam and a little naughty. They keep my stockings from slipping down too.
  • Silky slips and chemises for lounging and sleeping in lightweight luxury. So much sexier than oversized tees but just as comfy!
  • Robes and kimonos in silks and lace to throw over underthings as I get ready for the day. Far more elegant than hoodies and sweatpants!
  • Thigh highs and tights with reinforced toes so I can actually wear them more than once before getting holes. Who has time for delicate hosiery? Not me!

I love creating whole glamorous looks from head to toe using pieces from my favorite Etsy shops. Shopping small and handmade brings me so much more joy than basics from a big box store.

What lingerie accessories complete your own intimate apparel wardrobe? Share your favorite sources for all things delicate and dainty below!

Parting Thoughts: The Delight of Discovering Etsy Bras

When I started my journey into Etsy bra shopping, I never expected what a rabbit hole I was going down! I’ve discovered boutique designers from across the globe making quality lingerie accessible at fair prices. No more settling for generic mall brands with limited sizing.

Beyond expanding my bra wardrobe, I’ve found a community of fellow lingerie lovers who understand the struggles of dressing a busty petite frame like mine. I love geeking out over the perfect strap placement and admiring their exquisite creations. It makes me feel seen and celebrated in my body.

Stepping outside the mainstream matrix sizes has been liberating! While bra shopping will never be as simple as grabbing packs of socks or underwear, Etsy makes the hunt for the elusive well-fitted bra into an adventure. Instead of a chore, it’s a chance to discover small makers and find boutique pieces expressing my personal style.

The boost of confidence I get from pretty, functional and comfortable lingerie has been life changing. I stand a little taller and walk a little prouder knowing I’m wearing a bra designed for my body underneath it all. Etsy, thank you for supporting designers who make intimates a joy, not a judgment!

I hope my experiences help guide others who need extended sizes and unique options on their own bra finding missions. Wherever your journey takes you, remember – the perfect bra for you is out there waiting to be found! Never settle for less than the comfort, quality and style you deserve.

Now…who else is suddenly feeling inspired to treat themselves to a little lingerie? I’ll wait here while you go browse Etsy bras!



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