Channeling My Inner Mermaid: Finding the Perfect Bikini on Etsy

Why This Retro-Loving Girl is Hooked on Sourcing Sensational Swimwear on Everyone’s Favorite Handmade Marketplace

As soon as the weather starts warming up, I go into full-on mermaid mode. My hair gets lighter, my skin gets bronzier, and I am on the constant hunt for the most eye-catching bikinis and beachy accessories to rock all summer long. And let me tell you, when it comes to finding the most unique, head-turning swimwear out there, Etsy is my absolute happy place.

From barely-there Brazilian cuts to vintage-inspired high-waisted bottoms, Etsy sellers offer an endless array of bikini styles that you simply can’t find anywhere else. As a curvy retro girl who likes to make a statement, I live for discovering the kind of bold, one-of-a-kind designs that are way more interesting than mass-market suits. Because let’s be real: basic is for basic girls, and life’s too short for boring bikinis.

If you also long to unleash your inner beach babe goddess, let me take you on a little tour of the bikini wonders one can uncover on Etsy. I’ll walk through everything from the amazing variety of styles and customization options, to tips on finding the best designers, and tricks for making sure you end up with a swimsuit that absolutely fits like a dream. Ready to dive in? Let’s start with the…

Kaleidoscopic Range of Bikini Styles to Suit Your Mood

One of the things I love most about Etsy is the sheer spectrum of styles available. Whether I’m craving a sexy, barely-there look or something sweeter and more retro, Etsy has a bikini to match my mood.

For those itsy bitsy teeny weeny days, Etsy offers no shortage of skimpy string bikinis and Brazilian cut bottoms that show off without baring it all. We’re talking sliding triangle tops, low-rise bottoms, and creatively placed strings that cover just enough to avoid any R-rated tan lines! Brazilian brands like Bum Bum, Bamba Swim, and Bikini Angels have perfected the art of minimal coverage. Rock these if you’re ready to channel some serious Bond girl energy!

When I’m feeling those throwback vibes, Etsy never disappoints on the vintage-inspired front either. So many sellers create high-waisted bottoms and retro halter tops reminiscent of the 50s and 60s—the kind with sweet scalloped trim details that still manage to look bombshell sexy. For the ultimate retro glam, rock one of these babies with a red lip, cat-eye sunnies, and big Hollywood curls!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can also find sportier styles perfect for surfing and swimming laps, like athletic-looking bikinis in colorblock prints. There are ultra-femme ruffled numbers in polka dots and florals. Edgier bikinis trimmed in buckles, belts, and chains. Tribal prints, crochet accents, cut-outs…you name it, and there’s a bikini iteration of it on Etsy! Talk about options.

Custom-Made Suits For a Fit That’s First Class

As someone who is petite but curvy, bikini shopping has left me in tears over ill-fitting tops and saggy, baggy bottoms more times than I can count. But one of the biggest perks of Etsy is having the option to order a bikini customized to your exact measurements. Hallelujah for no more bikini trauma!

Most Etsy bikini shops offer full custom sizing for an additional fee, allowing you to submit your precise hip, bust, and cup measurements to get a suit tailored just for your body. Some sellers even let you customize additional details like strap width, bottom rise, and coverage amount. It’s so nice having the option to really perfect the proportions on a two-piece to flatter your figure, rather than having to settle for whatever standard sizes are available.

If going fully custom seems intimidating, you can also message sellers to ask detailed fit questions before ordering. The nice thing about Etsy is you aren’t just ordering from some faceless corporation—you can actually chat with the designers themselves to get recommendations. I’ve had great success DM’ing sellers photos and asking for suggestions on which top and bottom pairings would work best for my build.

Taking the time to customize or consult with the makers ensures no more bikini blunders. No more falling out of flimsy halter tops or constantly hiking up bottoms that just don’t stay put! A well-fitting bathing suit makes all the difference in feeling confident and comfortable frolicking oceanside. Etsy bikinis FTW!

Scoring Swimwear Deals: Price Points to Please Any Budget

When it comes to prices, Etsy bikinis run the full spectrum from bargain buys to splurge-worthy designer pieces. In general, expect to spend anywhere from $30 to $200 on a two-piece, depending on materials, construction, and any customization options.

On the affordable end, many sellers offer an array of cute, budget-friendly bikinis using inexpensive fabric blends that still hold up well. These are perfect for stocking up on multiple suits without breaking the bank! Lots of smaller shops also run frequent sales with tempting discounts, so keep an eye out for deals.

For those ready to invest in their swimwear, Etsy offers plenty of premium bikini options too. Using luxe materials like Italian lycra or gold hardware, these high-end suits have gorgeous quality and construction. The prices may climb upwards of $150+, but the extra splurge is worth it for heirloom-quality pieces that make you look and feel a million bucks.

Regardless of budget, you can feel confident finding stylish options. Etsy sellers really cater to all price points so ladies on any budget can rock their dream suits! Personally, I aim for a happy medium—looking for great deals on boutique-quality bikinis I know I’ll wear season after season.

Eco-Conscious & Ethical: Finding Sustainable Suit Options

As much as I adore rocking itsy bikinis, I also care about minimizing my environmental impact. Luckily, Etsy makes it easy to discover earth-friendly bikinis using sustainable materials and production practices.

Lots of shops utilize recycled fabrics, like regenerated nylon derived from old fishing nets and carpets to give trash a new life. There are also options made from plant-based materials like econyl (nylon from plants), as well as natural fibers like linen, organic cotton, and sustainably sourced wood pulp.

Beyond fabrics, many sellers use water-based dyes, recycled packaging, and low-impact shipping. Some also give part of profits to eco-focused charities. It feels good supporting businesses trying to reduce their footprint. After all, sustainability is always in style!

For the extra mindful shopper, Etsy even has an entire section dedicated to Black-owned, Indigenous-owned, and People of Color-owned bikini brands. Buying from these sellers helps promote diversity in the swimwear industry. Score a fabulous suit and support an ethical business at the same time? Say no more!

Bikini Babes: Finding Your New Favorite Swimwear Shops

With so many Etsy shops and suits to sort through, it can seem daunting trying to find your new go-to designer. After years of bikini-stalking, I’ve compiled some of my top recommended sellers for every style:

For vintage-inspired glam, Happily Ever After Shop makes the most gorgeous ruched and ruffled beauties reminiscent of Old Hollywood. I own multiple suits from them and always get compliments!

Simple Swim Company creates effortlessly chic bikinis in luxe ribbed fabrics, flattering colorblock designs, and sophisticated solids for the minimalist mermaid.

Peixoto knows how to perfectly tailor a bikini to flatter, fit, and support curves of all kinds. Their suits are like “naked lingerie”—sexy in all the right ways!

If you love rocking underwires and padding, check out D’jesas. Their bikini tops offer serious lift and support for larger bust sizes.

For edgier looks, KAOMO Swim does amazing things with hardware, cut-outs, and gothic-glam vibes. Think beachy but make it Bondage.

And the list goes on! With a crazy amount of shops to explore, the hunt for that perfect bikini match never gets old. Happy scrolling, ladies.

Top Tips for Hassle-Free Online Swimsuit Shopping

While discovering dreamy suits is the fun part, actually buying online does come with a few precautions. Here are my tips for making sure your Etsy bikini purchase goes swimmingly:

  • Carefully Read Sizing Reviews: Sizing varies so widely between brands, so read recent reviews to get a sense of how a particular shop’s sizing runs before selecting a size. Order multiple sizes if you aren’t sure!
  • Ask Detailed Questions: If needed, message the seller for style recommendations, sizing guidance, and fabric details. Don’t be shy!
  • Check Return Policies: Make sure you can send back or exchange an item that doesn’t fit. Most Etsy shops are accommodating if sizing doesn’t work out.
  • Handle with Care: Yes, even a tiny bikini needs to be washed with care to last. Skip the machine and wash delicate suits by hand. Always air or flat dry.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to find a bikini as fabulous as your vacation itself. Just don’t forget the SPF—safety first, tanning second!

Well, I hope this guide helps you gals dive into the magical world of Etsy bikinis with confidence. Time to get scrolling for that perfect swimsuit soulmate! And if your fresh Etsy purchase happens to inspire a beachy photoshoot soon, please tag me. I’m always here for bikini inspo! Til next time, stay wild and enjoy the endless summer in your heart.



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