Exploring the World of Mod Dresses on Etsy

A Vintage Lover’s Guide to Finding Fab Mod Styles

As someone who loves all things retro, I’m absolutely obsessed with mod fashion – the simple silhouettes, the bold colors and prints, the retro vibes, I just can’t get enough! Lately, I’ve been deep diving into the world of mod dresses being sold on Etsy and let me tell you, it’s a vintage lover’s paradise. From authentic 1960s styles to modern takes on mod, there are so many wonderful finds for every budget and style.

In this post, I’ll take you along my journey of discovering the wonderful world of mod dresses on Etsy – the different styles available, where to find true vintage pieces, price ranges, top sellers, quality concerns, customization options, popular colors and patterns, and so much more. If you love mod style as much as I do, you definitely need to check out what Etsy has to offer!

Styles for Every Mod Girl

The first thing I noticed when browsing mod dresses on Etsy is the huge variety of styles available. Of course, there are iconic 1960s shift dresses, complete with bold prints and colors, straight lines, and fun retro details like big buttons, kimono sleeves, and oversized collars. It’s easy to channel Twiggy or other mod icons in these vintage-inspired beauties!

Beyond classic 1960s shifts, there are so many more modern takes on mod style too. For a more fitted look, try searching for mod pencil dresses featuring bold stripes, contrasting color blocks, or graphic patterns. Sexy cut-out details, off-the-shoulder and halter necklines, and mini lengths also add modern flair. And don’t forget swing dresses and skater styles that flare out from the waist – those are super on-trend!

I also found tons of options for mod wedding dresses and bridesmaid looks. From short and flirty to long and elegant, Etsy definitely has mod bridal covered. And loads of classic A-line mod dress silhouettes are perfect for attending all those 1960s-inspired weddings happening lately.

Whether you’re after an authentic vintage 1960s dress or a modern remake, Etsy has mod styles for every girl’s taste and budget. The options feel endless!

Hunting for True Vintage Finds

As much as I love a good vintage-inspired dress, nothing compares to the real thing! Being able to wear a piece of actual 1960s fashion history is such a cool feeling for us vintage lovers. So I was thrilled to uncover many authentic vintage mod dresses being sold on Etsy.

To find the real deals, I looked for listings with phrases like “1960s vintage,” “retro 1960s,” and even specifics like “1967.” Studying the photos closely, I looked for signs of age like slight wear, faded colors, and other imperfections that indicate it’s not a modern reproduction. Some sellers also provide the original tags or labels so you can be sure it’s the real deal.

I was most impressed by Etsy sellers who specialize in curating and collecting true 1960s fashion. They often provide measurements, material details, production information, and other specifics you wouldn’t find on reproductions. And some even have physical vintage shops so they’re experts on spotting authentic retro clothes. Definitely check shop reviews too – that helps weed out any potential fakes.

While authentic vintage dresses might cost a bit more than reproductions, I still found so many gorgeous mod dresses under $100. Even for rare designer vintage from coveted labels like Courrèges and Pierre Cardin, the prices felt fair compared to what you’d pay in a high-end vintage boutique. With a bit of searching, you can find an authentic 60s treasure on Etsy!

Price Ranges to Suit Any Budget

Whether shopping for a vintage original or a modern remake, one of the things I love about Etsy is the huge range of prices available. In general, I found most mod dresses cost $50-$150 but you can definitely find both cheaper and more expensive options.

Cuter casual options from independent designers and Etsy sellers run on the lower end around $40-60. I even found some under $30! The fabrics and finishing might not be as high-end but the style is spot on. For vintage lovers on a budget, these are awesome picks.

Higher priced options from around $100-150 include designs made from finer materials like silks or wools. More intricate embellishments like beading, embroidery or lace details also increase costs. And of course, authentic vintage or pieces from well-known brands fetch higher prices. But the quality and style are superb.

For the truly devoted mod fashionistas, there are even luxury options over $200. This includes rare vintage from coveted designers, custom or bespoke dresses, and special occasion pieces covered in crystals or made with the finest fabrics. The attention to detail is incredible but you certainly pay for it.

No matter your budget, Etsy makes it easy to filter by price so you can find something perfect. I love having so many mod dress options at all different price points.

Fabulous Plus Size Finds

One frustration I’ve had shopping for vintage style clothes in stores is how few options there are for plus size gals like me. But shopping on Etsy quickly put that concern to rest – there are so many amazing plus size mod dresses!

I was thrilled to see cute, trendy styles made in sizes up to 6X and beyond. The detail and fit for curvier figures is beautifully done. And with custom sizing available from many sellers, you can get a perfect fit even if you fall outside standard size ranges.

Etsy’s search filters made it a breeze to narrow down plus size options. I’d select “Women’s Plus Size Clothing” under Categories, input my size range, and bam – instant mod dress inspiration for my curves! There are also sellers who specialize in plus size clothing so you can bookmark their shops.

Every style I love is available in my size – fit and flare dresses, pencil silhouettes, sleeveless, cap sleeve, collared, in every color and pattern. My closet wishlist runneth over! At last I can embrace my inner mod fashionista. Thank you Etsy for having such fabulous plus size mod options. This curvy girl is in heaven!

Top Mod Dress Sellers

With so many Etsy sellers offering mod styles, I wanted to highlight some of the top shops that really stood out during my searches. These sellers have gorgeous selections, great reviews and happy customers – they definitely deserve some love!

Miss Candy Floss – This UK shop has the most gorgeous selection of vintage-inspired dresses I’ve ever seen. So many delightful prints and colors! Definitely one of my faves.

Voodoo Vixen – This seller has a fab curated collection of new and vintage retro dresses. Great options for pin-up and rockabilly styles too!

Hell Bunny – If you want edgy, bold mod dresses, Hell Bunny delivers. Their fitted pencil dresses in wild prints are everything!

Beautyglamshops – For a more affordable take on vintage style, you can’t beat the selection at this Lithuania-based shop. They have dresses in so many colors and sizes.

Retrospec’d – Come for the perfect modern shifts and A-line styles, stay for the punny dress names! Charming, well-made designs for everyday vintage wear.

Laurelleaf – Craving true vintage? Laurelleaf has curated an unreal collection of authentic retro dresses from the 60s and 70s. Prepare to spend some time ogling all the options!

With sellers like these (and so many more!), Etsy makes hunting for that perfect mod dress an absolute joy.

Ensuring Quality and Fit

While the mod dresses on Etsy look gorgeous online, I still had some concerns about quality and fit when ordering clothing from independent sellers. After doing some investigating, I have a few tips for making sure you get exactly what you want.

  • Read reviews – This is the best way to learn about a shop’s quality, customer service, fit, and overall reputation. I stuck to sellers with 4-5 star ratings.
  • Check materials – Quality fabrics like cotton, linen, silk etc. are a good sign. Synthetic blends can look cheap. Ask sellers if you have questions.
  • Study sizing info – Many Etsy sellers provide detailed size guides with actual garment measurements. Use these along with customer images for fit clues.
  • Ask about customs sizing – For the perfect tailored fit, many shops will create made-to-measure dresses based on your exact sizes. Take advantage of this!
  • Know return policies – Most sellers allow returns, but check shop policies just in case. Returns are easier to process if dresses arrive damaged or incorrectly sized.

Following the tips above really gave me confidence I’d be happy with any Etsy dress purchase. I also rely on PayPal purchase protection for added peace of mind. But overall, the high quality mod styles on Etsy blew me away!

The Joy of Custom Creations

Beyond the abundance of ready made mod dresses, I was thrilled to discover that many Etsy sellers also offer custom and made-to-order options. This opens up so many possibilities!

Work with the seller to select your perfect fabric, provide your measurements for a perfect fit, tweak design details like neckline shapes and sleeve lengths, and customize to your heart’s content!

Some shops have design templates you can fully customize by picking colors, patterns, detailing etc. Others work from scratch with your vision to create a bespoke dress. I even found shops that will replicate vintage styles just for you.

Custom dresses do cost more than readymade designs but they’re still very reasonably priced for the level of personalization. And the ability to get a one-of-a-kind mod dress tailored exactly to my taste is priceless!

So if you have a specific mod vision that readymade designs just aren’t matching, go custom. Etsy sellers are so talented and willing to work with you. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Trending Color and Pattern Inspiration

Whenever I’m seeking fresh style inspiration, I head right to Etsy to see what colors and prints are trending for the season. And browsing the mod dresses definitely got my creative juices flowing thanks to so many fun patterns and hues.

Some current favorites I noticed:

  • Retro florals and conversation prints in bold oranges, pinks and turquoises. Sostatement making!
  • Psychedelic swirls and abstract watercolor designs channeling the 60s rock and roll vibe. Groovy!
  • Op-art graphics and optical illusions for a eye-catching geometric effect. Very mod.
  • Polka dots, gingham, plaid – timeless patterns that always work. Love the resurgence of oversized dots!
  • Mod color blocks in bright poppy reds, pinks, white and graphic black and white. Striking!
  • Groovy paisleys and art nouveau prints add a bohemian vibe. Paired with rich velvets and brocades for a luxe look.

Whatever patterns you fancy, Etsy offers endless inspiration to fuel your mod styling fantasies. Have fun playing with prints, colors and textures! The possibilities are infinite.

Find Your Fabulous Mod Decade

One of my favorite things about Etsy is the opportunity to time travel through fashion history. With vintage and vintage-inspired dresses from multiple eras, you can really zero in on the specific mod decade that calls to you most.

For a classic 60s look, focus on mid-60s into early 70s. I found divine mini shift dresses recalling icons like Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick. The simple A-lines, bold geometric prints, and pop art colors scream 60s style. Pair with go-go boots and you’re set!

If a 70s hippie chic vibe is more your thing, expand your search into the late 60s and 70s. Boho florals, paisleys and flowing maxi dresses take center stage. Imagine frolicking through a field wearing these beauties!

And don’t miss sensational 50s-inspired styles – polka dots, fit and flares with full skirts, retro pin-up silhouettes. The options give me serious Mad Men vibes.

You can even find 80s and 90s takes on mod style. The eras blend together for a totally rad modern remix.

No matter which mod decade you adore, Etsy lets you curate that perfect vintage-inspired wardrobe. And if you’re lucky, score an authentic dress right from that era!

Shipping, Returns and Measurement Tips

To help you shop worry free, I wanted to share some quick tips around shipping, returns and getting measurements for ordering online.

  • Most Etsy sellers offer standard shipping with delivery estimates of 1-2 weeks. Express shipping usually costs extra.
  • Returns and exchanges are allowed by most shops – just check policies before purchasing as time frames and conditions vary.
  • For mod dresses shipping from outside your country, be aware of any potential duties or taxes that may be collected on delivery. These aren’t refundable if you return the item.
  • Carefully check the shop’s size chart and any additional measurement info provided. Many sellers include actual garment measurements which is super helpful for getting the right fit!
  • If needed, reach out to the seller with any measurement questions. Many are happy to provide additional info or take custom measurements for you.
  • When in doubt on sizing, order two sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit. Etsy sellers are usually very accommodating around returns and exchanges.

With so many great mod dresses to explore, I hope these tips make your Etsy fashion hunt even more enjoyable. Get ready to find your perfect retro look!

The Thrill of the Mod Dress Hunt

I have to say, writing this post and immersing myself in the world of mod dresses on Etsy over the past few weeks has been an absolute blast. As a vintage fashion lover, I’m like a kid in a candy store discovering all these phenomenal mod styles from eras past and present.

And the best part is – with Etsy’s treasure trove of options, the hunt never has to end! I can keep returning again and again as fashions and trends evolve, and find fresh retro looks to add to my wardrobe.

So whether you’re a fellow mod aficionado or just looking to dip your toes into the vintage style waters, I hope this post has you feeling equally eager to raid Etsy for fab dresses. Have fun exploring this magical intersection of retro chic and modern online shopping. Happy mod dress dreams to you all!



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