Exploring the World of Succulents on Etsy

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying these Charming Plants Online

As a long-time succulent lover, Etsy has become my go-to for finding unique and healthy succulents to add to my ever-growing collection. With so many sellers offering an incredible variety of these delightful plants, it can be overwhelming for a succulent-buying beginner to know where to start. That’s why I’ve put together this handy guide covering everything you need to know about finding, choosing, and caring for succulents bought on Etsy.

Types of Succulents Available

One of the best things about browsing for succulents on Etsy is the enormous selection! Here are some of the many types you’ll commonly find:

  • Echeveria – Rounded, symmetrical rosettes in colors like blue, pink, orange, and purple. Some popular varieties are Echeveria ‘Perle von Nürnberg’ and Echeveria ‘Black Prince’.
  • Haworthia – Small, unique succulents often with translucent ‘windows’ on their leaves. I’m always on the lookout for hard-to-find Haworthia like the zebra plant.
  • Sedum – Groundcover succulents that spread nicely in containers. Sedum ‘burrito’ and Sedum ‘angelina’ are adorable trailing varieties.
  • Kalanchoe – Vibrant colored leaves in fun shapes. Kalanchoe ‘Flapjacks’ and Kalanchoe ‘Fantastic’ are two interesting types.
  • Senecio – Including the ever-popular string of pearls and string of bananas succulents. Their trailing stems make them perfect as hangers.
  • Crassula – Stacked, plump leaves on these fun succulents. Crassula ‘Buddha’s Temple’ is a unique one.
  • Aeonium – Rosettes on long stems create striking arrangements. Popular kinds are Aeonium ‘Kiwi’ and Aeonium ‘Sunburst’.

And so many more! Cacti, agave, aloe, graptopetalum, portulacaria…the options are endless. Etsy is a plant-lovers paradise.

Choosing Healthy Succulents

Picking out gorgeous, vibrant succulents that will thrive in your care is an art! Here are my tips for selecting healthy plants:

  • Avoid leggy plants – Look for compact rosettes and stems. Stretching is a sign of lack of sunlight.
  • Check for firm leaves – No withering, mushy, or discolored leaves. A good succulent is plump and firm.
  • Look for signs of new growth – New buds, leaves, or offshoots indicate a healthy plant.
  • Inspect the soil – Should be gritty and fast draining, not soggy or packed down.
  • Research the seller – Check reviews for descriptions of plant health upon arrival.
  • Ask questions – Don’t hesitate to contact the seller if you need more info or photos of the actual plants you’ll receive.
  • Know your climate – Make sure the plants you choose are suitable for your indoor or outdoor growing conditions.

Taking the time to carefully choose your succulents will help ensure they adapt and thrive once they arrive!

Best Etsy Shops for Succulents

While there are tons of great succulent sellers on Etsy, these shops stand out from the pack:

  • SucculentsBox – Incredible variety from common to ultra rare succulents. The plants arrive in amazing condition.
  • PistilsNursery – Beautiful succulents expertly packed with care. One of my all-time favorite Etsy plant shops.
  • TheSucculentGarden – Specializes in wholesale succulent orders but sells affordable single plants too. Fast shipping.
  • SucculentOasis – Great source for harder to find succulents like Haworthia. Reasonable prices for the quality.
  • PlanetDesert – Massive selection of succulents at unbeatable prices. One of the best values on Etsy.
  • PrismSucculents – Eye-catching, unique succulents. Very talented at variegated plant varieties.
  • SuccyCrafts – Fantastic shop for rare succulents. Also sells handmade ceramic succulent pots.

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences ordering from these Etsy succulent shops. Their plants arrive healthy, packaged with care, and are just as described. Order with confidence!

Packaging and Shipping

One concern when buying live plants online is how they’ll be packaged and shipped. From my experience, most reputable Etsy succulent sellers have mastered the logistics:

  • The plants are gently removed from their pots and bundled in paper or plastic to protect the roots and foliage.
  • They’re wrapped in plastic or tissue paper to retain moisture during transit.
  • Boxes are lined with Styrofoam or bubble wrap, then succulents are carefully placed to avoid crushing.
  • Insulated, heat-reflective packaging helps maintain suitable temperatures.
  • Fast shipping times ensure the plants don’t sit too long in boxes.
  • Heat or cold packs can be added during temperature extremes.
  • Special labeling like “Live Plants” and “This Side Up” help succulents arrive safely.
  • Rating and reviews let buyers know what kind of packaging and shipping care to expect.

The best Etsy sellers really go the extra mile to make sure your new succulents reach you in perfect condition. It’s amazing how well these delicate plants ship when properly packaged.

Succulent Price Ranges on Etsy

From tiny $3 cuttings to elaborate $100 floral arrangements, you can find succulents at virtually every price point on Etsy. Here are some common ranges:

  • Cuttings & starter plants – $3 to $8. Great way to expand your collection on a budget.
  • 2-inch potted succulents – $5 to $12. Most common size for rare varieties.
  • 4-inch potted succulents – $10 to $25. Larger plants make great gifts.
  • Succulent arrangements – $25 to $60. Unique centerpieces and decor starting at this range.
  • Rare & exotic succulents – $15 to $100+. Includes hard to find varieties or massive statement pieces.
  • Wholesale succulents – $1 to $5 per plant for bulk orders of 10, 25, or 100+. Cheaper per piece.
  • DIY Succulent kits – $20 to $50. Potting mix, pots, plants, decor – everything you need!

Whether you want a $5 starter echeveria or a showstopping $75 variegated agave, Etsy has beautiful succulents to meet your budget.

Finding Rare & Exotic Succulents

From striking variegation to funky shapes, rare succulent types are in high demand! Here are some tips for scoring unique finds:

  • Search for specific rare names like “Echeveria Moonglow” or “Crested Euphorbia Lactea”.
  • Look through the newest succulent listings – sellers often post rare finds quickly.
  • Check shops with a large succulent selection – variety allows them to offer uncommon plants.
  • Favorite and follow sellers that specialize in exotic succulents so you don’t miss any new posts.
  • Set up alerts for search terms like “rare”, “unusual”, “variegated”, etc.
  • Ask sellers directly if they have or can source any hard-to-find succulents you’re looking for.
  • Check back frequently – rare succulent inventory changes rapidly when available.
  • Be flexible on size – juvenile rare succulents can be cheaper than mature.
  • Consider pre-ordering – some sellers will specially grow rare varieties upon request.

With all the succulent lovers constantly scouting for the next big find, locating rare succulents takes time and patience. But that makes it even more rewarding when you finally score that whale fin sansevieria or crested euphorbia you’ve been hunting for ages! The resources and dedication of Etsy succulent sellers make it the place for uncommon plant finds.

Caring for Succulents Ordered Online

Bringing home that box of new succulents you’ve eagerly awaited is so exciting! Here’s how I properly care for them once they arrive:

  • Unpack carefully & inspect – Open box immediately and gently remove wrapping. Check for any damage.
  • Allow to acclimate – Let plants sit out undisturbed for 2-3 days to recover from shipping.
  • Water minimally – Mist leaves lightly if shriveling. Avoid soaking the soil yet.
  • Gradually increase sun – Introduce to direct light over a week or two to prevent sun damage.
  • Repot in gritty soil – Mix of sand, perlite, gravel, etc. ensures fast drainage.
  • Hold off fertilizing – Wait a month until adjusted to your care before feeding.
  • Quarantine new plants – Keep succulents isolated for a few weeks to monitor for pests.
  • Ask the seller questions – Most are happy to give care tips and info specific to the plants you ordered!

It may take some patience and extra attention initially, but your new Etsy succulents will be thriving in their new home before you know it. Those first blooms or new leaf unfurlings make it all worthwhile!

Succulent Gift Sets on Etsy

Searching for the perfect gift for the succulent-obsessed friend in your life? Succulent gift sets on Etsy are great ready-made presents!

Many sellers offer beautifully packaged collections that include:

  • An assortment of popular succulents like echeveria, aloe, haworthia, and more
  • Fun ceramic or concrete planters in cute shapes and colors
  • Well-draining cactus/succulent soil
  • Decor like mini watering cans, plant markers, or stones
  • Care cards with watering, sun, and growing tips
  • Gift wrapping like tissue paper, ribbons, and bows

You can find succulent gifts for any budget and interest on Etsy. For kids, there are fairy garden kits. For plant beginners, starter collections in 2-3” pots. Or for succulent experts, rare varieties and unique containers.

I’ve given these succulent gift sets as housewarming presents, birthday gifts, and just because. They never fail to delight fellow plant lovers! The adorable packaging makes succulents from Etsy perfect for any occasion.

Succulent Review Roundup

Curious what fellow succulent fans have to say about their Etsy purchases? Here’s a review roundup:

“My echeveria from SucculentsBox arrived perfectly packaged. It’s thriving and even bloomed!”

“I was so impressed by the rare succulents I ordered from PistilsNursery. They far exceeded my expectations and were total showstoppers!”

TheSucculentGarden was having a sale, so I bought a tray of mixed succulents on the cheap. All were super healthy with tons of new growth.”

“I loved that the seller SucculentOasis was really communicative and answered all my questions about caring for the adromischus I ordered.”

PlanetDesert’s wholesale succulents were such an affordable way for me to landscape my entire yard!”

“The burro’s tail I bought from PrismSucculents had so many variegated leaves. It’s thriving and looks amazing in its new planter.”

SuccyCrafts sent the most unique succulent arrangement as a birthday gift for my mom. She was blown away!”

Overwhelmingly positive reviews make it clear – fellow succulent collectors agree you can have an amazing experience buying from Etsy sellers.

Buying Succulent Seeds on Etsy

If you have patience and a green thumb, buying succulent seeds can be an affordable way to amass an impressive collection. Here’s what to look for when seed shopping on Etsy:

  • Reputable seller – Check reviews and store policies first. Avoid seed packets with blurred photos or sparse descriptions.
  • Organized listings – Reputable sellers neatly organize seeds by succulent species, common names, growing conditions, etc.
  • Seed quantity – Packets range from ~25 seeds for common types like echeveria to only 5-10 seeds for rare succulents.
  • Germination info – Quality listings will include tips like ideal soil mixture, temperature, moisture, days to sprout, etc.
  • Extra amenities – Some shops offer heat mats, grow lights, soil, pots, and other seed starting supplies.
  • Price – Succulent seeds can cost pennies up to $20+ per packet based on rarity.

Starting your succulents from seeds requires diligence but watching those first sprouts emerge is so rewarding. Etsy has high quality seed vendors to make your seedling succulent dreams come true!

Organic & Sustainable Succulents

Part of the joy of succulents is that they’re naturally low maintenance plants suited for xeriscaping and drought resistance. But some Etsy sellers take the extra step to offer 100% organic or eco-conscious plants:

Organic succulents are grown without chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or other artificial additives. Sellers must be certified organic to officially use the label. You may pay a small premium, but it’s worthwhile to avoid synthetic chemicals.

Sustainably sourced succulents means the seller propagates or collects plants responsibly. They ensure harvesting from the wild doesn’t deplete native populations.

Greenhouse grown succulents reduce the carbon footprint that comes with shipping plants long distances. Local greenhouse succulents are acclimated for successful transplanting.

Conservation collections fund projects protecting delicate succulent habitats. With the climate crisis threatening many species, it helps give back.

While most standard succulents are already relatively low maintenance, there are eco-options for the extra discerning plant lover. Supporting responsible succulent commerce ensures these special plants will thrive for generations to come.

Communicating with Succulent Sellers

Beyond item descriptions, Etsy succulent sellers are happy to answer questions and give advice about the plants you’re considering. As both a buyer and seller, I’ve found these topics especially helpful to discuss:

  • Ideal lighting conditions
  • Expected plant size/growth speed
  • Cold hardiness or temperature sensitivity
  • Toxicity concerns if you have pets or kids
  • Typical watering needs and signs of under/overwatering
  • Suggested potting mixes and drainage requirements
  • Nutrient needs and recommendations for fertilizer
  • Pest or disease susceptibility & prevention
  • Expected appearance upon arrival (size, maturity, bloom status, etc)
  • Unboxing and acclimation instructions
  • Discussing your climate zone and growing conditions
  • Advice for long-term care to keep plants thriving

Don’t be shy reaching out! Sellers love sharing their succulent expertise and want you to have the best experience with your new plants.

DIY Succulent Kits from Etsy

For a fun succulent project, various Etsy sellers offer creative DIY succulent kits. These make great gifts or weekend activities. Typical kits include:

Succulent terrariums – Glass containers, charcoal, pebbles, and a mix of petite succulents perfect for enclosed environments.

Fairy garden kits – Everything you need to craft a magical mini garden, like containers, tools, decor items, and succulents.

Concrete planter kits – Bags of concrete, molds, sealer, and of course adorable succulents to create your own planters.

Succulent wreaths – Beautiful echeveria or sempervivum perfectly arranged on coir wreaths.

Succulent arrangements – Colourful collections of succulents with accessories like driftwood, figurines, moss, candles. Just add your own pot!

Succulent centerpieces – Grab a kit for your next event! Includes 6” succulents, filler greens, vase, and decor.

With a kit, you get that fun crafting experience plus adorable succulent plants ready for planting. It’s a win-win!

Succulent Wedding & Event Decor

Speaking of events, Etsy is bursting with gorgeous succulent decor ideas for weddings, parties, showers and more. You can order:

  • Sculptural succulent centerpieces encased in geometric concrete planters or rustic crates.
  • Elegant bouquets crafted from rosette-shaped echeveria, dudleya, and aeonium.
  • Extra long stemmed succulents like san pedro cactus as unique alternative ceremony flowers.
  • Adorable succulent party favors in dainty glass bottles, mini watering cans, or animal pots.
  • Bold agave, aloe, and euphorbia arrangements in whitewashed wood boxes for rustic farmhouse chic.
  • Mini succulent plants poking out of favor bags, place cards, bridal shower invitations…the ideas are endless!

Whatever your style or theme, there are so many ways to incorporate succulents. Their textures and colors add that perfect organic touch to any event.

Succulent Accessories and More on Etsy!

Beyond the plants themselves, Etsy is a treasure trove for succulent accessories:

  • Hanging pots, wall planters, cement pots, and wood planter boxes to display your new plants
  • Soil, mulch, perlite, and other potting amendments tailored for succulents
  • Watering cans, spray bottles, and irrigation tools
  • Terrariums and cloches for creating mini landscapes
  • Succulent themed home decor like wall prints, pillows, bookends, trays, candles….
  • Jewelry, apparel, mugs, phone cases…for the succulent obsessed!
  • Wind chimes, bird baths, stepping stones, and garden art using real succulents

Whatever you need for your plant projects or to show off your succulent love, Etsy sellers have you covered!

Ensuring Pest-Free Succulents

The last thing you want is to introduce pests like spider mites or mealybugs to your plant collection. Reputable sellers take steps to prevent hitchhiking bugs:

  • Use sterile soil and containers to prevent transferring soil-dwelling pests
  • Inspect plants before shipping and upon arrival for signs of bugs
  • Dip leaves and stems in insecticidal soap or neem oil as a precaution
  • Spray shipments with natural pest deterrents like cedar oil
  • Only ship clean, non-infested plants to buyers
  • Pack succulents separately or individually wrap to prevent cross-contamination
  • Quickly isolate and treat plants if any pests are found

Despite best efforts, pests are an occasional fact of life with live plants. Responsible sellers will offer advice or refunds if an infestation does occur. Starting with clean plants is most of the battle!

Etsy Succulent Return Policy

Etsy succulent sellers understand shipping live plants comes with some inherent risk and want buyers to have realistic policies:

  • Most offer returns for 7-14 days for issues like shipping damage, pests, or unreasonable differences from the listing description.
  • Some may offer partial refunds or discounts if plants arrive slightly stressed but recoverable.
  • Sellers can’t guarantee blooms, exact size, or other natural variations.
  • Problems from improper buyer care typically aren’t covered.
  • Shipping costs usually aren’t refunded if you just change your mind.
  • Restocking fees of 10-25% apply if plants are returned in good condition.
  • Reviews noting problems are appreciated so sellers can improve!

The goal is finding a fair policy for both buyer and seller. Clear communication is key to resolving any issues that emerge after that adorable box of succulents arrives!

Customizing Succulent Gifts

The lovely thing about ordering succulents on Etsy is that many sellers are happy to accommodate customization requests to create special gifts:

  • Request specific succulent types, colors, sizes, or blooming status.
  • Add a personalized gift message on a care tag or note.
  • Upgrade to a more decorative container like a painted pot or concrete planter.
  • Incorporate a recipient’s interests into the arrangement with figurines, flowers, stones, etc.
  • Choose fast priority shipping for last minute gift needs.
  • Have an order shipped directly to someone else’s address.
  • Bundle succulents with additional small gifts – candy, soap, candle…
  • Pick gift wrapping in the recipient’s favorite colors.
  • Add festive touches like ribbons, ornaments, confetti, or balloons for a holiday arrangement.
  • Request a custom time for a live video or FaceTime succulent “reveal” to send someone!

The right seller can bring your creative succulent gift vision to life. Personalization makes succulents from Etsy feel extra special.

Bulk Succulent Discounts

Planning a major landscaping project, succulent wall, or wedding with lots of arrangements? Buying succulents in bulk from Etsy can be very affordable:

  • 10 mixed succulents for around $3-$4 each
  • 25 mixed succulents for $2.50-$3.50 each
  • 50+ mixed succulents for $2-$3 each
  • 100+ mixed succulents for $1.50-$2.50 each

For large orders of 200+ plants, prices can be as low as $1 per succulent!

Sellers may also offer multi-size options like all 2” or mix of 4”. Or customize with certain succulent types. Add accessories like bulk planters and discounted shipping on big orders.

Connecting with an Etsy seller directly about your large order needs can score you the best discounted bulk rate. A succulent wonderland awaits!

Hot Succulent Trends

Succulent popularity keeps growing, and Etsy sellers are on top of the latest trends:

  • Rare variegated succulents. Fascinating color variations are extremely sought after.
  • Crested and monstrose oddities. Mutated succulents with wavy or contorted growth.
  • Bright neon colors. Vibrant pink, lime green, and electric orange succulents pop in arrangements.
  • Unique shape and textures. Spiky cacti, round pincushions, rippled leaves, extra long fins…
  • Mixed succulent displays. Creative blends of colors, shapes, sizes.
  • Mini succulents. Teeny tiny plants and accessories sized for fun terrariums.
  • Succulent jewelry and home decor. Wear your love for these plants on jewelry, art prints, planters, candles, mugs…everything!

There are always exciting new succulent varieties emerging and inventive ways to show them off. Etsy sellers stay on the cutting edge of succulent possibilities so your collection never gets stale.

In Conclusion…

I hope this succulent buyer’s guide gives you the tips and inspiration to pick out fantastic plants and accessories from the many excellent Etsy succulent purveyors. Happy succulent shopping!



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