Express Yourself With Fun and Unique Iron-On Patches From Etsy

Discover the Amazing World of Customizable Patches on Etsy

Iron-on patches are my newest craft obsession – I just love how easy it is to customize boring old clothes and bags with a little bit of heat and some amazing patches! I’ve really fallen down the rabbit hole browsing for iron-on patches on Etsy because there are so many creative and talented artists selling their designs.

In this post, I’ll share my tips for finding the best iron-on patches on Etsy, how to apply them properly, and the best ways to care for your patched-up pieces. Let’s dive in!

An Overview of Iron-On Patches on Etsy

Etsy is my go-to for unique craft supplies, vintage goods, and handmade items – so naturally it’s the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind iron-on patches! Etsy sellers offer patches in every style imaginable – floral, funky, minimalist, whimsical, retro and more.

Some of the most popular iron-on patches on Etsy include:

  • Pop culture patches – from your favorite TV shows, movies, books, bands, etc. Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Disney themes are always hot sellers!
  • Funny/sarcastic patches – sassy phrases and cheeky images make me laugh. Think “Go Away I’m Reading” or “Introverted but Willing to Discuss Plants”.
  • Nature and animal patches – beautifully detailed leaves, flowers, trees, paw prints, and wildlife designs. Perfect for nature lovers!
  • Embroidered letter and name patches – customize backpacks, jackets, hats and more with your name or initials. Great for kids!
  • Vintage/retro style patches – so many fun throwback designs like smiley faces, peace signs, psychedelic prints, and 70s florals. Groovy!

In addition to endless design options, you can also find patches in all shapes and sizes – from tiny iron-ons for jewelry to jumbo decals for bags or jackets. Most sellers offer multiple size options.

Applying Your New Iron-On Patches

Once you’ve browsed the options and chosen your perfect patches, it’s time for the fun part – ironing them on! Here are my tips for properly applying iron-on patches:

  • Read the instructions. Most Etsy sellers provide details on heat settings, ironing time, etc. Follow their directions closely.
  • Prep the garment. Wash and fully dry the item you’ll be patching to remove any chemical treatments from manufacturing.
  • Place patch image side down. Position the patch print side down on the garment where desired.
  • Cover with a cloth. Put a scrap piece of fabric over the top of the patch. This protects from direct iron contact.
  • Use medium heat. Start with a medium heat setting, around 250°F to 300°F. Move the iron slowly over the surface in a circular motion.
  • Let it cool! Once you’ve ironed for the recommended time, let it rest before handling so the adhesive can fully adhere as it cools.
  • Check edges. Make sure the edges have sealed nicely, then flip over – voila, your patch is on!

It’s super satisfying peeling back the top fabric and seeing your patch in place. Just take care not to rush the process and you’ll have a professionally patched project!

Caring for Your Patched Creations

To keep your Etsy patches looking sharp and prevent edges from peeling over time, be sure to:

  • Wash gentle cycle – Turn garments inside out and use a mild detergent in cool water. I also put them in a lingerie bag.
  • Hang to dry – Tumble drying can be rough on patches over time. Letting them air dry reduces wear and tear.
  • Use a mild iron – If patches start to curl, give them a quick press cloth-covered press with medium-low heat to flatten them.
  • Check edges – Make sure patch borders look secure. If they start to lift, use fabric glue or a tiny whipstitch along the edge.

Following these tips, your Etsy patches should stand the test of time! They’ll hold up nicely even with frequent wearing and washing.

Where to Find the Best Iron-On Patches on Etsy

Through many delightful hours of Etsy browsing, I’ve found some truly stellar shops that offer iron-on patches. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • OrangeHeadPatches – This UK-based shop has the most amazing collection of fabric patches. Retro, indie and minimalist designs abound!
  • AGingerMonkey – For gorgeous nature-inspired patches, this seller has beautiful flowers, sacred geometry, animals, mandalas and more.
  • CraftingByEvi – Check out this Lithuanian seller for super cute embroidered character and food patches perfect for kids’ backpacks and clothes.
  • PixieMood – This treasure trove of pop culture patches covers all fandoms – movies, TV, games, books, kawaii, punk rock…everything you could want!
  • PatchPARTEE – Fun, cheeky, sarcastic and empowering phrase patches for days. Lots of pride flag and female-centric girl power designs.

There are SO many other wonderful patch destinations on Etsy to explore. Happy hunting for your perfect patches!

Custom and Personalized Patches

In addition to the thousands of pre-designed patches for sale, many Etsy sellers also offer custom iron-on patches. This means you can request your very own phrase, image, logo or artwork be turned into patches!

To get custom patches made, look for sellers that advertise custom work or contact your favorites to ask about the possibility.

Be sure to:

  • Provide your complete design, artwork or text
  • Ask how many colors/details they can accommodate
  • Request a mockup before approving
  • Confirm turnaround time
  • Inquire about minimum order quantities and costs

With custom patches, the possibilities are endless – you can get team patches made, personalized pet patches, branded patches for your business, unique wedding favors…anything you can imagine!

Iron-On Patch Materials

Etsy patch makers use a few main materials, each with their own characteristics:

  • Felt – Wool felt provides a soft, slightly textured look. It also ravels less than other materials when cut.
  • Cotton – Cotton gives patches a natural, classic appearance. It’s breathable and soft to the touch.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl iron-ons have a shiny, sleek look. This material is waterproof and durable.
  • Faux Leather – For a leather jacket vibe, faux leather patches add a rugged, edgy look and feel.
  • Embroidery – Decorative machine embroidery on patches gives beautiful dimensional details.

I prefer soft, eco-friendly natural fabrics like felt and cotton for my patches – but it’s fun to experiment with different materials and textures!

Patching Up Denim Jackets, Totes and More

Some of my favorite projects to deck out with Etsy patches are denim jackets, canvas sneakers or totes, backpacks, and baseball caps.

For a classic patched-up denim jacket, I love using:

  • Retro band logo patches
  • Vintage-looking flower patches
  • Embroidered butterfly and nature designs
  • Custom name/initial patches

To make canvas sneakers uniquely yours, iron on:

  • Fun emoji patches
  • Your astrological sign or birth flower patch
  • A favorite pet breed patch like a dog or cat
  • Geometric abstract shape patches

For kids’ backpacks and caps, fun patches include:

  • Their name, initials or favorite number embroidered patch
  • Colorful unicorn, dragon, mermaid and superhero character patches
  • Glittery initial patches
  • A favorite movie or TV show logo patch

The options are endless! Let your imagination run wild.

Tips for Removing Etsy Patches

While I hope your Etsy patches bring you joy forever, you may eventually want to remove them from garments or swap them out for new designs. Here’s the safest way:

  • Heat up your iron to a medium-high setting, around 300°F. Lay the garment flat.
  • Place the iron directly on top of the patch for 30-60 seconds using firm pressure. This helps soften the adhesive.
  • Once warm, very slowly and gently start peeling up one edge of the patch. Continue peeling it away from the fabric.
  • If any adhesive residue remains, scrub it gently off the garment with a soft brush and mild laundry detergent.
  • Rinse the area well then air dry. Repeat if needed until all residue is removed.

Take care not to tear the fabric underneath by rushing this process – patience is key! With some warmth and a gentle touch, your patches will lift off cleanly.

Discover Endless Creative Patchworks on Etsy

I hope this overview gave you inspiration and ideas for the wonderful world of Etsy iron-on patches! With so many shops offering custom designs, specialty themes, and unique vintage finds, you’re sure to uncover amazing patches for your DIY projects.

Let your clothing, accessories and home decor reflect your personality by mixing and matching your favorite patches. They make everything from denim jackets to phone cases to laptop sleeves way more fun and stylish.

Happy patch hunting, crafting and expressing yourself with Etsy iron-ons! What will your first patch project be?



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