Harnessing the Power of Etsy Tag Generators to Boost Your Shop

As an Etsy seller, driving traffic to your shop is essential for making sales. But with over 60 million active buyers searching over 50 billion listings on Etsy, getting your products seen can feel next to impossible. This is where Etsy tag generators come in super handy!

What is an Etsy Tag Generator?

An Etsy tag generator is an online tool that allows you to quickly and easily generate targeted, optimized tags for your Etsy listings. Simply enter a few keywords relevant to your product, and the tag generator will spit out dozens or even hundreds of suggested tags for you to use.

These tags are designed to help your items appear in more Etsy searches, making it easier for interested buyers to find you. The generator pulls tags from current trends, popular searches, and high-performing keywords so you can stay on top of what shoppers are looking for.

How Etsy Tag Generators Do Their Magic

Etsy tag generators use smart algorithms and data about search volume and competition to identify tags buyers are using to find products like yours. The generator will pull the most relevant keywords related to your inputs to create targeted tags.

Some Etsy tag generators use artificial intelligence to constantly analyze search data from Etsy and other sources. This allows them to recommend the best performing tags optimized to get your listings maximum visibility.

Others allow you to view search volume data, competition levels, and past performance history to select winning tags. Premium generators even group tags by relevancy and popularity.

Generating Tags for Free

One of the best parts about Etsy tag generators is that most are completely free to use! You simply head to the generator site, enter a starting keyword or phrase, and you’ll instantly get a comprehensive list of suggestions.

Some paid generators offer extras like bulk generation, competitor research, and integration with Etsy listing tools. But for most sellers, a free generator provides more than enough tags to better optimize your listings.

My favorite free Etsy tag generators are ERank, eRANKING, and TagBlaster for their large databases, intelligent algorithms, and handy search data. They make tag generation fast and seamless.

The Benefits of Using an Etsy Tag Generator

Here are some of the top benefits of using an Etsy tag generator for your shop:

  • Save time – Tag generators create great tags with just a few clicks, saving you hours of brainstorming keywords.
  • Increase visibility – More targeted tags mean more opportunities to get your listings found.
  • Stay on trend – Generators provide the hottest tags people are searching for.
  • Optimize easily – Simply generate new tags and add them to your listings to give them a boost.
  • Improve SEO – Tags play a role in SEO on Etsy. Optimized tags can help you rank.
  • Monitor performance – Many generators show search volume and competition data.
  • Get fresh ideas – Discover tag ideas you would never have thought of.

Do Tag Generators Really Increase Sales?

Short answer – yes! Adding high-quality tags created by a generator has been shown to increase views and sales for Etsy listings.

The key is using tags relevant to your products that buyers are actively searching for. This is exactly what a good Etsy tag generator does.

In one case study, a handmade jewelry shop saw a 21% increase in traffic and a 34% increase in orders after re-tagging their listings with an Etsy tag generator.

Your results will vary based on your shop, but most sellers report a noticeable uptick in views and sales when optimizing tags with a generator.

Quick Tips for Tag Generator Success

Follow these tips to get the most out of your chosen Etsy tag generator:

  • Use a few targeted seed keywords – Don’t just plug in your product name. Use words that describe your item’s style, materials, uses, etc.
  • Vary your inputs – Generate tags using different seed keywords for fresh ideas and maximum coverage.
  • Keep your best sellers updated – Re-generate tags regularly to catch new trends for top selling items.
  • Review for relevance – Scan the generated tags and weed out any irrelevant ones before adding to your listings.
  • Use all 13 tag spaces – Take advantage of all the tags Etsy allows to increase discoverability.

Finding the Best Etsy Tag Generators

Not all Etsy tag generators are created equal. Here are some top-rated generators sellers recommend:

  • ERank – Advanced AI and tons of data packed into a free tool. Easy to use with predictive suggestions.
  • eRANKING – Free generator with analytics and bulk generation. Curates the best tags for you.
  • TagBlaster – Free and simple Etsy tag generator with handy search filters. Generates 250+ tags.
  • Viral Launch – Paid tool but very powerful with historical data and competition research.
  • SEO Manager – Reasonably priced generator integrated with popular Etsy listing tools.

I suggest playing around with a few free generators to find one you like. Look for a large database, smart algorithms, useful search data, and a simple interface.

Following Trends with Auto-Updating Tags

Some paid Etsy tag generators offer a cool feature – auto-updating your tags based on the latest trends and search demand.

For example, SEO Manager integrates with Etsy listing tools like Marmalead and EtsyRank. It can push new high-performing tags to your listings automatically on a schedule.

This ensures your tags stay relevant over time as trends change. It’s perfect if you don’t have time to manually revisit your tags regularly.

While free generators don’t offer auto-updating, you can easily regenerate tags every month or so yourself to catch new trends.

Customizing Your Generated Tags

Etsy tag generators provide suggested tags, but what about customizing them? Many generators let you edit tags as needed.

With TagBlaster, you can append, prepend, replace, and remove text from generated tags with just a few clicks. This allows you to easily customize tags to fit your shop or products.

Some paid platforms like Viral Launch let you choose keyword modifiers like materials, locations, styles, etc. It then builds tags using your base keyword and selected modifiers.

So if I sell natural linen dresses for women, I could generate tags using modifiers like linen, floral, maxi, etc. appended to my base term “dresses”. Customization at its finest!

When Should I Re-Tag My Listings?

As a best practice, you’ll want to revisit your listings’ tags at least every 1-2 months. Some sellers re-tag weekly or even more frequently.

It depends on how many listings you have and how often new products are added. More products mean more tag updating!

Set a recurring reminder to regenerate tags for your top selling items and listings a few months old that need a boost. Freshening up stale tags brings in renewed interest.

Listings that constantly get traffic usually only need re-tagging every few months. Watch your shop stats to see which items could use a tag refresh.

Common Tag Generator Mistakes to Avoid

While tag generators make Etsy SEO easy, there are a few mistakes to watch out for:

  • Adding too many overly specific long-tail tags
  • Using duplicate or very similar tags
  • Not reviewing generated tags for relevance
  • Neglecting to refresh and add new tags regularly
  • Going overboard on trending tags unrelated to your items

The key is finding a healthy balance of popular and precise tags optimized for your products. Curate tags after generation instead of blindly adding everything.

Are Etsy Tag Generators Safe?

Reputable Etsy tag generators take data privacy and security seriously. You simply enter your main search keywords, and the tool provides optimized tag suggestions.

Your data is not collected or shared. Some paid tools may require creating a secure account to save your information.

Do some quick checks on potential generators before using:

  • Look for data privacy policies on their site
  • See if other sellers vouch for their security
  • Use well-known generators through trusted platforms

As long as you use established generators wisely, there are no major security risks to be concerned about.

Getting Tags Right for Different Products

One great thing about Etsy tag generators is that they work for all types of handmade, vintage, and craft products.

The key is using targeted seed keywords relevant to each specific item when generating tags. For example:

  • Jewelry: Type of jewelry, materials, stones, styles
  • Art prints: Subject matter, art medium, colors
  • Candles: Scents, shapes, occasions
  • Clothing: Materials, patterns, styles

Go beyond obvious descriptors and get creative with tags based on how buyers would search. An Etsy tag generator handles the rest!

Choosing the Best Seed Keywords

Your seed keywords form the foundation for the tags generated, so choose them carefully:

  • Lean on specifics – words like ribbon, floral, boho, neutral
  • Use alternate words – dress vs gown, necklace vs pendant
  • Include category terms – throw pillow, area rug, wall decor
  • Think one-word descriptors – rustic, colorful, hipster, retro
  • Consider different uses – birthday, wedding, baby shower, Christmas
  • Leverage trending interests – Y2K, cottagecore, disco, cozy

Starting with 3-5 ultra specific seed keywords results in the most laser targeted tags from any Etsy tag generator.

What Do Users Have to Say?

Sellers can’t say enough good things when it comes to Etsy tag generators! Here are some direct quotes:

“I can’t believe how many relevant tags these generators come up with for my products.”

“Tag generators saved me so much time and helped me increase my Etsy sales overnight!”

“Now I just plug in a few keywords, generate hundreds of tags, and my products get found. It’s amazing!”

“As a new Etsy seller, tag generators helped me optimize my shop and start making sales right away.”

It’s clear that when used properly, an Etsy tag generator can quickly become any Etsy seller’s secret weapon!

Optimizing On the Go with Mobile Apps

Some tag generators like ERank even offer free mobile apps so you can optimize your Etsy listings on the go!

The ERank app allows you to generate tags, analyze the Etsy marketplace, research competitors, and more. And it syncs seamlessly with the desktop version.

Other top mobile apps for Etsy include Marmalead, which offers both tag generation and listing management tools.

Optimizing your Etsy shop has never been easier thanks to these awesome tag generator apps. Your tags stay up to date no matter where you are.

Does Etsy Recommend Using Tag Generators?

While Etsy doesn’t officially endorse any specific Etsy tag generators, they do recommend using all 13 tag spaces with targeted, high-converting keywords.

This makes complete sense when you consider tags play a role in where your listings appear in Etsy search results. More relevant tags equals better positioning.

Etsy does caution against using trademarked terms or overly spammy tags. As long as you generate legitimate, optimized tags, you are good to go!

So while not directly promoted, using an Etsy tag generator aligns perfectly with Etsy’s guidance for tagging best practices.

Measuring Tag Effectiveness with Etsy Stats

The best way to gauge the effectiveness of your tag generator keywords is to regularly analyze your Etsy shop stats for changes.

Pay attention to key metrics like:

  • Traffic sources – Are more visits coming from Etsy search?
  • Search terms – Do you see your new tags gaining searches?
  • Listing views – Are views on re-tagged listings increasing?
  • Conversion rate – Is your shop conversion rate improving?

By tracking changes in these metrics, you can clearly see the impact your new tags have on discoverability and sales.

Integrations for Automated Tag Management

Some paid Etsy tag generators integrate directly with popular Etsy management platforms:

  • SEO Manager + Marmalead – Automatically pushes new tags to your listings.
  • Viral Launch + ERank – Lists all your current tags and suggests replacements.
  • eRANKING + SellHound – Lets you mass edit tags across multiple listings.

These integrations allow for automated tag updates based on the latest search data for true set-it-and-forget-it tag management.

While not free, the time savings may be worth the investment for large Etsy shops juggling hundreds or thousands of listings.

Putting Etsy Tag Generators to Work

As you can see, Etsy tag generators are simple yet powerful tools that can significantly improve your Etsy SEO and sales when used properly.

By providing optimized, relevant tags tailored to each of your listings, tag generators help shoppers find your amazing products in Etsy search.

And with many free and user-friendly generators available, there’s no excuse not to give your tags a boost!

Try out a few different Etsy tag generator options to see which one you like best. Commit to re-tagging your listings regularly to stay ahead of trends.

With the right high-converting tags discovered through a generator, it’s only a matter of time before you’re making more Etsy sales than ever.



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